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Titanium is a firewall that will protect your network from unwanted intrusion and will strictly prevent unauthorized internet users to access other network. It is designed for a highly secured connection and effective IP(Internet Protocol) filtering. It includes features which are not usually incorporated in some firewalls available commercially such as generation of packet statistics and packet diagnostics.

Titanium also monitors filtering statistics and detects automatically its over-all health. It has reliable and efficient support for incoming and outgoing filtering based from the rules defined by the user of the system. These filtering rules follow a popular syntax used by standard firewalls. Consequently, Titanium firewall looks at each packet entering or leaving the network and accepts or rejects it based on these user-defined rules.

Titanium firewall also protects you from remote log-in preventing unauthorized individuals from controlling your computer like viewing, accessing to actually running destructive programs to your network. The administrator is given the capability to configure Titanium to shield the network against unauthenticated interactive logins from the ``outside'' world. Titanium is customizable to fit the prerogative of the user. One can add or remove filters based from the conditions such as IP addresses, domain names, protocols, ports and servers work.

Titanium is designed with a powerful and reliable backend services that ensures optimum security on the following areas of network security:

a.) Web security
b.) Server firewall
c.) Proxy with antivirus
d.) Port mapper immune to hacker’s buffer flow attack.)

Web security:
Titanium web security is designed to assist administrators to create sensible and powerful web rule in a smart manner. Implementation of site blocking also incorporates time domain on a per IP address, domain or website address that makes it robust and comprehensive.

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