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Inventory System

Our inventory systems are designed for any business that desires a complete control over stock levels and an inventory tracking. This software can be used either as a simple inventory control system or a complete manufacturing solution.

  • Multi usersMultiple companies
  • Multiple Warehouses for a company
  • Invoices
  • Sales orders
  • Inventory Labels with barcodes support
  • Barcode scanning
  • Purchase orders
  • Receiving inventory
  • Support for purchase order approval process
  • Vendor and customer payments tracking
  • Inventory control
  • Estimate, Quote
  • Inventory reservations for Sale orders
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • POS software, Point of Sale options
  • Work orders for manufacture operations
  • Transfer between warehouses
  • Screen and report permissions by user
  • Screen customization support
  • Export reports in Excel files


  • Create a supplier catalog linked to your inventory items.
  • Easily create purchase orders that will be filled in automatically by values you can select from lists.
  • Receive inventory and assets into stock against purchase orders.
  • Handle supplier contracts for selected suppliers and items.
  • Purchase materials for selected work orders.
  • Use a temporary ID for items which are not in your catalog yet.
  • Use predefined memos to communicate with your suppliers.
  • View and print a variety of useful reports.

Warehouse Appointments

  • Schedule warehouse appointments for inventory items
  • Receive inventory against warehouse appointments.
  • Report the appointments' status to clients.
  • Use automated invoices for handling and shipping.
  • Enter receiving instructions onto your warehouse appointments.

Inventory Control

  • Easy access to all your Item Master information
  • Define multiple warehouse locations and, if you want, multiple warehouses.
  • Associate your inventory items to specific inventory categories, suppliers, locations, frequent purchasers
  • Receive and issue units of inventory directly
  • Enter adjustment codes to describe why the units are coming in and leaving
  • Search your units by date, supplier, description, in stock, location, and more
  • Track and document inventory repairs.
  • Make inventory reservations for work orders.
  • Handle serialized inventory (which ties in to the System's barcoding capability).
  • Use center codes if you need them.
  • Use automatic Unit of Measure conversions.
  • Specify specific package types.
  • Note warranties.
  • Track your inventory by In Stock, On Hold, Committed, and On Order categories.
  • Enter pictures of items into your Item Master.
  • Assign Manufacturing and Engineering numbers.
  • Calculate monthly demand based on historical data.
  • Import and export inventory information.
  • Create your own dropdown lists to enter inventory properties that are special to your organization.


  • Create both Sales and Shipping orders for items in the inventory system.
  • Enter multiple ship to locations, customer warning flags, multiple sales reps, and customer links to suppliers. Track types of order status: Outstanding, Waiting for Approval, Approved, Shipped, and Cancelled.
  • Track your Order Fulfillment stats. Ship kits. Generate pick lists, packing slips, invoices for shipped orders, and Shipping Manifests/Bills of Lading.
  • Specify payment terms and use predefined memos.
  • Track carrier companies and shipping types ("ship via").
  • Fill or Kill orders.
  • Use automated backorder generation.
  • Automate invoices for handling and shipping.


  • Make machine assembly orders, customer site orders, blanket work orders, fixed asset repair orders, maintenance orders, and more.
  • Automate parts consumption.
  • Track work order status from Open to Approved to Scheduled to Started to Completed.
  • Get parts and labor quotations, and track the component and labor cost of work orders with reports. Assemble kits based on bill of materials.
  • Track your work orders by work type, "requested by", supervisor, "assigned by", and more in the system. And enter comments about your jobs.


  • Make and use bill of materials with up to 20 levels.
  • Use our assembly work order graphical interface editor.
  • Track component serial numbers. Automate assembly cost calculation.
  • Differentiate between critical and non-critical components.
  • Automatically generate purchase orders based on what you need to complete your work orders.
  • Use reserve parts.

Asset Management

  • Track tangible and intangible assets and categorize your assets by type.
  • Allocate asset to asset.
  • Count usage and energy consumption.
  • Receive assets and, when they have served their purpose, retire them.
  • Receive assets by purchase order.
  • Use barcoded asset tag labels and attach pictures of your assets to your asset list.
  • Calculate asset deprecation with formulas, and track asset deprecation with reports.

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Use over 100 preprogrammed reports to summarize, track, share, and analyze your inventory flow.


  • Limit the access specific users have to specific parts of your database.
  • Specify exactly which users can access exactly which data, and specify exactly what they can do to modify that data.


  • Scan barcodes directly into the System.
  • Print barcodes directly from the system.
  • Use preprogrammed and custom barcode formats
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